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NYFW | A Visual Guide To Indie Design - MCXV

"For years now, I’ve found myself on the guest list for something completely cutting edge and underground. The collective series of shows put on by Art Hearts Fashion, a platform founded by designer and philanthropist Erik Rosete, during NYFW"

Ashley J. for MCXV

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On Mon Frère & Oc.u.lus | Interview with Artist Irene Reece - MCXV

On Mon Frère & Oc.u.lus | Interview with Artist Ire...

Ashley J. for MCXV

Frances bean   marc jacobs   springsummer 17   shot by davd sims article

Frances Bean Cobain | Face of Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 17 ...

Frances Bean Cobain | Face of Marc Jacobs Spring/Su...

Ashley J. for MCXV

Christian gertenbach 151352 article

The Women Who Marched | Women’s March Interviews

"Shortly after the Women’s March went from being a one off thing in Washington to a nationwide, and even international, show of support for women by women; women who are troubled by the state of our nation and the daunting future that looms over themselves, their children, their nieces, their mothers, grandmothers, friends, etc., I reached out to allies of the movement who were on the front lines of the Women’s March to ask three questions..."

Ashley J. for MCXV

1. this is sloane   mayra article

A Fashion X Houston Interview Series: Pt. 3, This is Sloane

"Looking at Sloane’s designs as well as the way they are presented, delving into all of the things that inspire those designs… it pulls me, as a creative, into some of the things that I have found myself personally inspired by. Things, people, and times, that have had an effect not only on myself, but on established artists like Basquiat, and (if you’re drawn to the aesthetic of Lenz’s designs) perhaps even you."

Ashley J. for MCXV

A Fashion X Houston Interview Series: Pt. 2, Jimmy Burner - MCXV

"Sitting in the vicinity of Burner’s brand manager provided me with the opportunity to reach out and request an interview with the Houston based designer who counts Tyler, The Creator, Kanye, and his father (successful, Texas, entrepreneur Erwin Portis) amongst his influences, and who, not only sees his designs as an art, but as an allegory."

Ashley J. for MCXV

Beyonce pregnant with twins article

Making Maternity Photos Art | Awol Erizku x Beyoncé - MCXV

Making Maternity Photos Art | Awol Erizku & Beyoncé...

Ashley J. for MCXV

New website article written by ashley j. of suite 6ten for ays article

New Website - Art Youth Society

"You may have noticed there have been some changes made to the Art Youth Society site. Striking, minimalist, and contemporary chic web design combine perfectly to create not just a website, but a complete virtual platform. This platform is an impeccable virtual locale for those who are already familiar with AYS as well as those who are finding it for the first time as well."

Ashley Jones for AYS

Ays article by ashley j. of suite 6ten article

Introducing the Newest Must Have Styles from AYS | Art Youth Society

"Whether you’re adding to an existing collection or thinking about working the very first AYS piece you’ll own into your look, these new styles are the place to start. Deeply symbolic and on trend, you can’t miss with these expertly crafted, understated statement pieces."

Ashley J. for Art Youth Society

Kimi hammerstroem interview edited by ashley j. article

Kimi Hammerstroem for Art Youth Society’s ‘Brainchild’

Editing for AYS by Ashley J.

Artyouthsociety by sharon jane d  edited by ashley j. of suite 6ten article

Sharon Jane D. Interview - Art Youth Society

Editing for AYS by Ashley J.

Couple shopping article


For Petal Talk, the 1-800 Flowers blog.

Ashley Jones for 1800 Flowers, Credited as Contributing Writer

Art youth society image for ashley j. portfolio article

Mother’s Day Gift Guide | Art Youth Society

"Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it has hopefully been quite a while since you upped your gift giving game from a macaroni necklace and a greeting card. On the chance you didn’t do such a great job at symbolizing your love for mom through well thought out material goods last year, you now get another chance to say I appreciate all you’ve done mom, you deserve it."

Ashley Jones for Art Youth Society

Chloe dao collection backstage at fashion x houston article

A Fashion X Houston Interview Series: Pt. 1, Union & 5th - MCXV

"...Union & 5th, a luxury vintage and consignment shop with impeccable presentation, and quality product from iconic as well as contemporary designers including Chanel, Vince, and Theory, all of which I’m a big fan of and third party affiliate for. They also have the fabulous mission of making philanthropists out of all of us through their model of donating proceeds made on high quality donated pieces to charities including St. Jude’s, The Urban Arts Partnership, The Animal Project Foundation, and the AHA."
- Ashley J. for MCXV

Ashley j. of suite 6ten shot by mayra v. article

Suite 6Ten | From Montana to Infinity

"It might sound crazy, maybe not, but now more than before, if that is even possible, the travel bug is alive and well in Suite 6ten! "

Ashley J. for Suite 6ten